Packaged Plant Rooms

Packaged plant rooms are a semi-permanent to a permanent solution for providing additional boiler capacity to a commercial property.

Why use a Packaged Plant Room?

PPRs are the ideal solution to supply new buildings, for example, to increase nursing home capacity or allow you to expand into new hospitality space.

A PPR can help you manage extra capacity in your industry allowing you to grow.

Crane lift to hotel in Cornwall

Why use Cedar Green?

Cedar Green are specialists in the design, manufacture and the installation of packaged plant rooms.

All our PPRs are fabricated in-house, drawing on our wealth of knowledge gained from over 40 years of industry experience. We use the experience acquired during the research and development of our temporary boiler fleet to ensure efficiency and reliability.

Benefits of a Cedar Green Installation

Packaged Plant Room loaded, ready for delivery

Easy Installation

Our PPRs are the ideal solution where space within a building is limited, or there is no suitable location for a boiler room.

Due to the modular construction, they can be easily positioned on rooftops or at ground level.

Fluing and ventilation often present considerable challenges when locating plant rooms within existing buildings; these issues can easily be overcome during a refurbishment by the provision of a packaged plant room.


Off-site fabrication of our packaged plant rooms means that the time spent on site is greatly reduced to only a few days rather than months as traditionally would be the case.

Our modular PPRs are manufactured in a controlled factory environment and then simply transported to the site, ready for installation by our highly skilled engineers.

Gate valves and pumps sets

Packaged Plant Room at residential care home in Surrey

Cost Saving

This streamlined approach provides considerable cost savings to our clients as factory fabrications are more efficient than site fabrications, producing far less waste and eliminating travel time.

The Complete Solution

Our packaged plant rooms can accommodate gas, oil or LPG boilers and come complete with all necessary ancillary plant equipment including controls, pumps, PU’s and PV’s.

From CHP’s to gas-fired water heaters our packaged plant rooms are designed and built bespoke for each project.

360kW Packaged Plant Room

Packaged Plant Room at residential care home in Jersey

Health & Safety

Off-site fabrication reduces the risk considerably as operatives are working in a controlled environment.

As Cedar Green’s packaged plant rooms are constructed using CRP fiberglass enclosures, they have a 1-hour fire rating, which is then affixed to a prefabricated galvanized steel floor, this enables the PPRs to be craned into position with ease.